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The Fifth Parlour: Chris Griffiths Shares his Life Experiences in “Lime Lake Road”

Following up his debut EP back in June, Griffiths is back with a new album, Lime Lake Road which will be released tomorrow. Tomorrow is a significant day for Griffiths as it is his late father’s birthday. “Him and his life have definitely weaved its way into a lot of the lyrics of these songs. As it turns out we finished close to that date, so it only seemed fitting given the title track is about him,” explained Griffiths on releasing his album on such a special day.

He described the album as very personal to him. You can expect songs that talked about his childhood, the places he grew up at, family and heartache. For this album, he learnt how to play the harmonica and mandolin as he moved to the more acoustic instruments unlike his last EP which is more electronic synth music.


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