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Sounds of South: Christopher Griffiths - Midlife Pop Crisis - EP Review

If you now hope that the four chosen pieces went in the direction of the two aforementioned artists and their way of making music, you can quickly remove your make-up. Griffiths has created a flawless, mostly joyfully powerful pop EP ( Andy Frasco comes to mind as a point of reference in the broadest sense), where beeping synths and drum loops set the pace. All pieces are melodic and danceable, even the only slower song "Painted Smile" is then suitable for a kind of movement in a trance-like manner.

In the meantime, he always suggests that Christopher can certainly do something completely different (and doesn't personally see himself fixed on any genre) when he shuffles with the electric guitar or, as with the opener "Dream My Adidas", his favorite instrument, the bass helped to attract more attention. Great here is his playful plucking to end the number.


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