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Sleeping Bag Studios Review - “Take On You”

Far be it from me to harp on a point relentlessly (over & over) – but Christopher Griffiths is proving what the impact of exploring the fringe of a genre can lead to.  As I must’ve said (at least a few times I’m sure) somewhere on these pages of ours – finding those unique ways to appeal to listeners outside of one particular style of music & giving yourself the opportunity to crossover into a wider audience can bring in new fans of all kinds – and a song like “Take On You” is complete confirmation of all this, in action.

A lot of the allure comes from the sincerity of the man behind the microphone…that’s a huge piece of what makes “Take On You” connect, and especially the words he’s written for himself to sing here.  In a conversation with his sister who generously donates a whole bunch of her time to helping animals of all kinds, Christopher discovered the inspiration at the core of “Take On You,” and had this to say:  “Having lived half my life as a stray animal, I sat down that night and wrote something I thought conveyed that feeling, the moment of adoption.”  And so there you have it, in a nutshell of sorts – or you could take the other description to be found online, which is equally true, and reads:  “Back beat alt country about my cat. Best listened to really loudly.”  No objections here – I love this tune.  Songwriting is spot-on, the vocals & lyrics are endearing & thoughtful, and all-in-all, it’s a gentle & delicate tune with that makes a bold impression through its sentiment; it should also be noted that Christopher Griffiths is donating the proceeds of his upcoming single “Take On You” (released Oct. 29th) directly to the L.A. Animal Rescue.


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