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Murfreesboro Pulse Review: Christopher Griffiths Midlife Pop Crisis

Once the pandemic hit, Griffiths’ gigs disappeared. After the shock wore off, he realized the pandemic came with a silver lining—time. If Midlife Pop Crisis, a four-track EP of radio-friendly, dance-oriented alternative pop, is any indication, Griffiths has put this time to good use.

At the height of the pandemic, with a minimum of gear—a guitar, bass, Moog and laptop—and no shortage of creativity, Griffiths wrote, recorded and released Midlife Pop Crisis. While the whole EP’s worth a listen, the opener, “Without the Beat,” is one of the catchiest singles of the pandemic. Over a menacing Moog progression and persistent beat, propelled by drum machine and slapping bassline, Griffiths sings Your heart may lie to you and tell you what you want to hear.



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