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Music Update Central Interview: Christopher Griffiths to Release Debut EP, Midlife Pop Crisis

Updated: May 26, 2020

Since every project has a story, what’s the story behind your debut EP, Midlife Pop Crisis? I am stuck in quarantine with all my instruments and no gigs.  I have all this recording software and synths and gadgets I’d never used, so I decided to record a song a day and offer it up for people who donated to my Venmo.  After 35 songs, these four just seemed to go together.  So I figured an EP of something for my friends and I to dance in the kitchen to was a pretty awesome thing. Pop star at 38, watch out Bieber!

Which song off of your EP is the most dear to you and why? “My Dream and My Adidas,”  because it reminds me of 90’s Quincy Jones, back on the block era.  Also I have owned a pair of Adidas shell toes since I've been wearing shoes. The story of the song is pretty much about my wife and I dancing in Miami while drinking Mojitos.  We had been together eight years at that point, but sometimes you catch the magic of a first date together. So it’s my ode to that kinda sound. And those kinda shoes.

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