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Grubs and Grooves Interview: Musician/Songwriter Christopher Griffiths Discusses His New EP and Favo

Congrats on the debut solo EP! How does it reflect where you are in your life? It's a Pop dance EP at 38 years old. So I guess if I was a Golden Girl, I’m probably Blanche. The EP is pretty joyful, and experimental so I guess it reflects that as I get older, I am embracing my eclectic side more and more. And I needed something new to dance to in the kitchen.

How long have you wanted to do an album like this? What day is it? Really it came from writing everyday during quarantine. I had written 30 some songs at that point and these four just really seemed to go together. Most of what I write is country or folk, so it was fun to make something completely out of left field. I couldn’t use a studio, I only had myself and the instruments around me.  So the answer is kinda weird. How long have I wanted to make an EP all by myself? My entire life. How long have I wanted to make Synth Pop record? It's been 22 days.

As we recommend Midlife Pop Crisis to our readers which song would you suggest they listen to first? Oh there’s only four so go ahead and just spin it on random.  I like "Without the Beat," it feels really good and is a total jam.  With summer around the corner it really lends itself to kitchen dancing and gardening grooves.  I want your readers up out of their chair and shaking what their momma gave them!

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