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Grubs and Grooves Christmas Feature

What's your favorite Christmas memory? I got my first guitar for my 12th Christmas. Beginning of the end.

What’s your idea of a good Christmas dinner? I liked Prime rib personally with all the trimmings of a winter meal mash potatoes, Mac n cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce, I like a big Greek salad to offset all the starches.

Do you have a favorite Christmas album? Very Special Christmas Vol 1

Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season? Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie. We watch it every year.

What's been your favorite album of 2020? Will Hoge’s Tiny Little Movies. I’ve also enjoyed Jason Isbell and Margo Price's latest music.

What are your hopes for 2021? TO BRING BACK LIVE MUSIC!!!!!!!

The holiday season brings the best parties and time together with friends and family. What is your signature cocktail recipe that you will be drinking/serving? Well I don’t tend to drink Mixed drinks. I’m more of a straight up Don Julio 1942 guy. But if I am gonna make a mixed drink I keep it simple, Ice, Titos vodka, olive juice, shake strain pour into a chilled glass and add a dab of Tobacco sauce. The Bloody Dirty.


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