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BuzzMusic - Prepare for Sonic Authenticity with Country Artist Christopher Griffiths’ “Take On You”

Ever since he could remember, Country artist Christopher Griffiths had dreamed of becoming a rock star. The multi-talented artist began to learn bass, guitar, keys, synth, harmonica, mandolin, and upright bass before furthering his musical education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. At age 22, Christopher Griffiths made the life-changing decision to move to Nashville where he now releases his music, including his recent single “Take On You.”

A bass drum and a country strum of an acoustic guitar introduce “Take On You” before Christopher Griffiths first showcases his honey rustic vocals. The sonic atmosphere he creates is immediately absorbed as down to earth, heartfelt, and authentic.

“Take On You” has the type of stomp-clap beat that paints a picture of two-stepping cowboy boots in a down-home honky-tonk bar scene. “Take On You’s” hooking melodies will make you want to sing along, even on your first listen.


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