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Interview with Sleeping Bag Studios

Updated: May 8, 2020

My name is Christopher Halson Griffiths.  I’m a Libra from Michigan who has been playing music for his entire life.  I got a guitar for Christmas really early on and have played it every day until now.  Music really spoke to me and gave me an outlet for my energy.  It’s my fairly healthy addiction.  I guess if there was something special about me, it would be that I’m shameless in my intake of different kinds of music.  One day it’s Hank Williams, the next it’s Tina Turner, Dr Dre, Beck, or The MC5.  It is more important to me to be genuine than to be liked.  I’m not interested in making products.  I’m interested in engaging in a musical conversation with the listener where I speak with my sound, and they speak with their reaction, in the case of this EP that reaction should be dancing their shoes off.  I am the world’s first 38 year old pop star.

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