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Growing up in the cold winters in Michigan, Christopher Griffiths dreamed of becoming a rock star at a young age. He began playing in bands when he was just nine years old and continued on throughout high school. At age 13, he would DJ school dances and his music teacher would let him chart music for the high school band. That’s where his love of music started and continues on to this day. A multi-talented musician, Griffiths plays bass, guitar, keys, synth, harmonica, mandolin and upright bass. “Give me an hour and a bottle of scotch and I’ll learn to play something,” he jokes.


After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Griffiths moved to Nashville at the age of 22. He began working and collaborating with various artists, such as Natalie Stovall, Will Hoge, Anthony Orio, Tera Lynn Fister, John Rennie-Hynes, Stewart Eastham and Crystal Shawanda (with whom he won a Juno Award). “All my heroes are my friends,” he revels.


Heavily influenced by an array of artists from Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Dr. Dre and Jason Isabell, Griffiths is drawn to authentic lyrics that provide the listener with a story. The heartfelt singer/songwriter has dabbled in Country, Americana and Pop genres. “I’m not trying to be perfect – I just want to be real. My songs are all just love letters to people with ears.”


In his spare time, the self-proclaimed social butterfly enjoys travelling, playing video games, skiing, cooking and spending time with his wife and two one-eyed cats. “My wife is a big influence because she can’t see anything but her goals and I would like to be more like that.”


Griffiths is currently working on his latest project. You can follow Griffith’s journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. “My life has been a photo album of new and shiny moments. Whatever you think you want to do, don’t wait. There will never be a perfect time.”

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